Elite Railings & Windows offers an array of anodized, Kynar and powder coated aluminum railing systems for hotels, condominiums and commercial buildings in new or existing building installations.
Anodized aluminum is recommended in coastal areas, as anodizing is the most resistant to the harsh salty and corrosive environments. Anodizing is a process for finishing aluminum alloys that employs electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum surface to produce a protective oxide coating.
Railings can be core mounted, side mounted or surface mounted, depending on the location and structure of the building. Railings can be furnished with standard pickets, aluminum panels or any variety of glass. Our railing systems are built using the highest quality American made stainless steel, noncorrosive fasteners. The fasteners are specially coated to eliminate galvanic activity between the stainless steel screws and the aluminum.
Our guardrail systems meet all International Building Code (IBC) requirements per ASTM-E 935. We also offer round handrails to meet your ADA compliance needs.

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† Installation is only available in the state of Hawaii
* Custom options available upon request (e.g. powder coating, Kynar, aluminum panels, custom infills)


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